About Me

About Me

I am a full AKC Standard Poodle, born in Tennessee and delivered by Angels to my new Mum not long after she lost her dog, Mason. After a few months in my new home, we moved north to Cleveland, Ohio. I like it much better as I'm a cold weather dog and my Grandpa is here. Before we moved, trainers gave me temperament and personality tests which I passed and was invited to become a Service Dog and Therapy Animal. I've been told I'm a natural for this work. As long as there's treats I'm excited to start in February 2022. I'll be my Mum's own personal service dog, and play an active role in her professional work with the grieving. THINGS I'LL LEARN: Panic, anxiety, PTSD, grief therapy, death, loss, illness, disabilities, hospitalization, healing trauma, comfort, love, support, alerts, public access, and travel. PLACES I CAN WORK: Programs: military vet, children's, religious, inner city, addiction rehab, and adult education. Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, support circles, retreats, farms, healing centers, jail/prison, trauma facilities, one on one scenarios or special cases. This is a 2 yr program graduating with official vest and ID, that is nationally recognized and protected under Federal Law, allowing me to work anywhere we travel. And the best part? It’s on a farm! I'm very excited to run free, meet the horses, and go on boat rides.

My Skills

From a very young age my Mum started working with me on manners and routine. I learned how to ring the bell for potty at just 9 weeks old. I'm a quick study and easily trainable, my humans always say how smart I am. These are just some of the basic skills I've learned so far, but much will be expanded on in my formal training for service dog work, so stay tuned!

Skills and Expertise

Ring The Bell 85 / 100
Sit 92 / 100
Please/Shake 72 / 100
Stay/Wait 87 / 100
Go 96 / 100
Come 50 / 100


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  • I may be a little biased, but I wouldn’t be investing in Duncan if he wasn’t meant to be on this path. It was quite clear as a wee pup that something was special, and as he’s grown it’s only become more of who he is.

    Leanne M Walter
    Leanne M Walter
    Duncan's Mum
  • For being only 7 months old at the time of Christmas this year and such a young pup, Duncan was a very good boy. I know he will make a great Service Dog and Therapy Animal to all who meet him. HO HO HO!

    Santa Claus
    Santa Claus
    Boss Of The North Pole And Chief Toy Maker

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